Here are our most recent testimonials from some of the amazing subs we have recently had a session with. For details on how you can also have an amazing time with us both go to our contact and booking page here

I recently had an amazing session with Sabrina and Nikki.  We had two wonderful hours – a first hour of very girly chat whilst they got me ready for my wedding in my beautiful dress, and then they taught me what I’d need to know for my wedding night which included how to please my hubby to be (lots of wonderful cock training!!) and also what to expect from him when it was his turn to pleasure me.  The time literally whizzed by.  These two ladies are absolutely stunning (the photos really don’t do them full justice!!) and they were the best girlfriends I could have wished for.  My only regret was that we couldn’t spend more girly time together – I hope that next time we can have a girls’ night out (or in…. :-))

Thanks so much to you both, and I strongly recommend their services to anyone.

Can I just say – I really wish we could have spent more time together – I really enjoyed our connection and I know what a fun girly time we could have together….anyway next time?  In the meantime, you made an old man very happy as I got to dream of my wedding, even for a short while.  Next time, I will book the nails for an hour earlier….. 🙂

Thank you again – you’re a star.


Jerry xx

I had An Afternoon in Heaven with Sabrina and her girlfriend Nikki Wild

Beautiful, curvaceous, vivacious, glamorous, sexy, charming, intelligent, intuitive, insightful, educated, experienced and confident. Sabrina and Nikki have all these attributes in super-abundance, but with a remarkable quiet power too.

Paradoxically their beauty, intelligence and femininity almost masks their power and dominance and yet these attributes are also it’s very source. I, of course, wanted to follow their clear instructions but had I not, I would have been unable to resist anyway, no question. No raised voices but absolute authority, it was such an extraordinary exchange of power.

My visit was planned at relatively short notice but nevertheless Sabrina kindly obtained all the needed articles of clothing including shoes which necessitated numerous emails. Thanks to her almost infinite patience, everything required was available on the day for a complete feminization session. The climax of which was being blindfolded whilst Sabrina’s Bull was positioned in front of me. The blindfold was removed, and the rest is shrouded by a cloak of ecstasy and sensual overload. I cannot wait to repeat the experience and will be back very soon.


Hi Sabrina (& Nikki!)

Apologies for the delay in writing, it was three weeks ago that we met (sorry!), spent a day or so seemingly on a different planet.

Thank you both for an exceptional afternoon’s experience, quite literally mind-blowing, and something I hope we can do again.  OK so I only have (had!) the one cherry (yes you really did take it!) and I fully expect you both to be tougher on me in the future – How Nikki & Sabrina are able to talk and ‘threaten so intimidatingly’ in such a soft voice lives in my head still…

Also, couldn’t write sooner unless you wanted a publishable testimonial of only one word?! “Wow” – that was about all I could manage when ‘reliving’ the events over in my mind, for a few days at least… but now, hopefully a little more eloquently, may I offer;

“Considerably more beautiful than even their photos present them to be, highly skilled, teasingly addictive, sane, safe and wickedly exciting – my only regret is that I don’t have another cherry to surrender to them… Wow”

Just heading abroad to work again now, but would very much like to see you both again when I return, if that would be OK with you?

In anticipation